2010-05-29 | Nicole Underwater

Monday, June 7th, 2010
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As we hauled all our UW gear in the Pontiac and went to Oconomowoc. This shoot was planned last winter when Nicole Feltz told us she has a pool and would like to try modeling underwater. The day was perfect, best lighting, high dynamic range, newly filled pool and a awesome model that you would swear was a mermaid for she was very comfortable underwater. We had fun doing this shoot, we also discovered putting a reflector underwater worked well. We hope to do more underwater shoots this summer.

Music By: Shane V!
Song: Dolphin Cry Remix

Dave Gruentzel

Alvin Arzaga

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  1. RAZOR RAMON says:

    Great shots!!! Keep up the good work. It helps to have a model that has experience like Nicole.

  2. […] few weeks but we have finally received our first contest submission. Dave Gruentzel Photography of Photofide.com has created a solid BTS video of their latest underwater shoot. If you would like to ask questions […]

  3. Shane V! says:

    You guys did an amazing job on this video (as with all the others). The song is an amazingly perfect fit for an underwater shoot!!! I will have some new stuff for you soon!

  4. Roel says:

    nice camera for the video…

  5. John Ricard says:

    While I dislike the music, and I think videos work better with natural sound no matter what the natural sound is, I am blown away by this. I absolutely love the photography. So original and so well executed. I also love the fact that the setup is relatively simply -one body, an underwater housing and one model, and yet you don’t see hardly anyone shooting underwater images. Great job.

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