2010-07-25 | Melyssa Underwater With E-Pl1

Sunday, August 1st, 2010
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We got up early around 6am for we needed to meet our liaison who will provide us access to a pool for our underwater shoot at 7am. Unfortunately the original model scheduled for the shoot who lived 1 hour and 30mins away had a family emergency. We had an idea and called up a very reliable model who we worked with in the past. Fortunately she was available, even though she had only 3 hours of sleep.

Alvin’s observations about the shoot:
• when shooting underwater, well indoors anyway…two strobes are better.
• even though it’s TTL or FP-TTL, harsh light is hard to control underwater, a diffuser is a must.
• watch out for model’s lips if it becomes too gray or pale, check after every shot.
• check the hair if covers the eyes, lips or nose unless desired.
• don’t be in a hurry to finish the shoot. make sure you have the shots you want before to wrap it up.
• bring an extra weight belt just in case the subject doesn’t have one.
• print out ideas and tear sheets that way when you have a photographer’s block during shooting you have reference.
• try new poses and new compositions, you might have your piz’zaz shot.
• try to plan the compositions with your crew, models and even your co-photographer, the important thing is to get that money shot.
• safety always comes first.

Dave Gruentzel

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