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Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
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Well, Cory had another creative idea that I could not pass up doing a behind the scenes video on. This time his theme was “Trapped Under Ice”. He originally was going to shoot it right after we did the watermelon shoot but could not find a kiddy pool in time and the weather outside that day was too cold (kind of funny actually). Paul Ruffolo, another photog friend of ours, had a perfect location for the shoot as he had a water tank he build at his studio that he would kindly let Cory use.

Cory bought a poster sized piece of plexiglass that was to be used for the ice. You know when you buy plexi it has that plastic film on either side, well he left one side on to give it a not so clear look. Frost and white spray paint were applied around the edge of the plexi leaving a semi transparent window to see Kristen. To make it look a little more like real ice he took a knife to it so it looked like skate blades. And a final touch was some fake snow that he had a sample of.

Like always it was a blast to film this group!. And if you’re a photographer and have a creating shoot coming up, let me know, I’d love to film it!

Cory Albrechtson Photography
Model Mayhem


Mrs. Foxy
Model Mayhem


Paul Ruffolo

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